Detailed Synopsis For Kwak Kyung-Taek’s Upcoming Next Feature RV: Resurrected Victims


RV Resurrected Victims

Director and Screenwriter Kwak Kyung-Taek who brought us films like Friend, Champion, Muttboy, and most recently Friend, The Great Legacy, and The Classified File, has a new film staring Kim Rae-Won based on the novel It is Over by Park Ha-Ik.  The upcoming thriller also stars Kim Hae-Sook, Sung Dong-Il, Jang Young-Nam, Jeon Hye-Jin.  RV: Resurrected Victims is slated to be released sometime this year,

Synopsis – Jin-hong is a cold-hearted prosecutor who works harder than anyone in the district. He is obsessed in catching the culprit who attacked and killed his mother 7 years ago, who died right before his eyes. He’s been living with the guilt that he couldn’t save her and has never been at ease since that incident. Then, one day, his sister calls him and says that their mother is back. Confused and upset, Jin-hong runs home to learn that it is true. His mother is back just the way she was 7 years ago, welcoming him home. But before he realizes, his mother grabs a knife and stabs him. He wards her off, barely escaping death, but his mother is set on attacking him.

Soon, Jin-hong discovers that his mother’s return is not a miracle, but similar cases are reported throughout the world that the dead have come back to life. These surreal cases called RVP (Resurrected Victims Phenomenon) show that victims of murder come back to life to avenge the murderer, then disappear when they succeed. Based on this, the secret agents investigating the RVP cases, realizes that Jin-hong is now the prime suspect of his mother’s murder.

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