Dont Pick Up Beautiful Korean Hitchickers In Billy Tang’s Upcoming Death Trip


It’s been a long time since we last heard anything from Billy Tang (Dragon Fight, Dr. Lamb, Red to Kill, Street Angels, Sexy and Dangerous, Haunted Karaoke, Raped by an Angel 5 : The Final Judgement) , Not since the early 2000’s during the heyday of Hong Kong cinema.  Now in 2013 he is back with a new feature called Death Trip which stars Boreum Han, Victor Wong, and Yongti Zeng.  International rights were recently picked up by HK based Media Asia, No word on an official chinese release date yet.

SYNOPSIS: A pair of Chinese lovers, who can’t wait to get away from their hectic city life, set off on a road-trip holiday in exotic and enthralling Malaysia. A drive through the lush setting and coastal township whets their appetite for some private time together. They unwittingly pick up a mysterious but gorgeous Korean girl who strangely backpacks alone, hitching rides from village to village. A holiday get-away for the Chinese pair slowly turns to a run for their lives as the lone beautiful hitch-hiker reveals herself to be a psychopath on a twisted vengeance…

Death Trip – Trailer

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