English Subbed Teaser & Poster Now Up For Jo Sung-hee’s Upcoming A Warewolf Boy


Due to be released later this year in Korea, Jo Sung-hee’s upcoming A Warewolf Boy will first be screen during this years upcoming  Toronto International Film Festival runing from September  6th though the 16th.   Premiereing under the Contemporary World Cinema selection, A Warewolf Boy stars  Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Yoo Yun Suk.

SYNOPSIS: Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits a cottage the way she used to when she was a young girl. She remembers a boy she knew half a century before. Moving to a peaceful village when she was a girl she discovered a “wolf boy,” hiding his large, contorted body in the darkness. The girl, now a woman, has never been able to purge the images of his wild eyes and animal-like behavior from her mind. She recalls teaching the boy how to wait patiently before a meal, how to wear clothes, how to speak, how to write and other human behaviors so that he could one day live like a normal man. She opened her heart to the innocent boy and he fell in love with the girl, the only person to ever show him affection. However when threatened, he let loose his bestial instincts and became the subject of the villagers’ fears. In order to save the life of the boy who risked his to be by her side, she left him with a promise: “Wait for me. I’ll come back for you.”

A Werewolf Boy – Teaser English Subbed

A Werewolf Boy – Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Yoo Yun Suk

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