Erotic Drama The Promotion Girl Now In Production


Now in production in HK,  Patrick Kong Produced The Promotion Girl are turning a lot of heads on the streets of Mongkok as Beer-girls Angie Shum, Anita Chui, Alycia Chan, and Jacquelin Chong show a lot of cleavage and legs on the set.  A small clip of on set filming can be viewed here along with the small gallery

Synopsis (Official, Though the best out of the two sites movie breakdown) –

Kiki is an office lady. But her designer boyfriend Kwun Ho lost all their money saved. So, under the referral by her cousin Ka Wai, she works as a Promotion Girls(PG) in one night club. Working in night club, she meets new immigrant Siu Kat (starring Angie Shum) and Shan Shan (starring Anita Chiu). Siu Kat likes to take benefit from other colleagues for saving up 1 million dollars purpose. However, her greedy character will let herself to become loser that customer David (starring Jason Chan) cheated her money at last. Shan Shan is her former secondary schoolmate and the last year’s PG winner. She was devious and teams up with others to haze Kiki. Can Kiki win the title of the best PG of the year? What happen to gold-digger Siu-Kat and fraud David at the end?


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