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Screen shot 2015-07-18 at 11.43.18 AMWe have a new look for our website!  We have been toying with revamping our site for a while now and decided now was the time to reinvigorate ourselves.  The layout is simpler and straight to the point.  The same goes for our reviews.

Our previous template had an overly complicated review system.  While fine for other websites, it just didn’t really fit our needs.  It had too many features that were awesome, but upon looking at our sight usage, our readers weren’t really taking advantage of them.  So we chose to go back how we use to display and score our reviews.

We also have a new forum!  Our previous forum had been left stagnant for a good while.  We hope to revive our forum community so that we can discuss topics natively instead of on social media sites.

We also have a new Chat Box for the site.  The only downside, compared to on our previous forums, is that the Chat Box has to be on it’s own separate page as opposed to being locked at the top of the forums.  This is a limitation of the plugin.  Should a better Chat Box / Shout Box come along, we will look into it so we can provide the best one available.

Registering for our site gives you access to our commenting system for our Posts as well as automatically have you registered for our forums!  ONE SINGLE LOGIN for the website and forums!!!  On that note, you can also use your Twitter or Facebook login as your login for our site/forum!

Lastly, the Film Smash team would like to thank everyone who has stayed with us throughout the years.  Since we began as Kung Fu Cult Cinema many, many years ago and transitioned into the Film Smash that you see now, we have been reincarnated quite a number of times.  And you the reader have stuck it out with us!  We look forward to continue providing you with the latest coverage of al things Asian cinema!


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