First Look At Mr. Go, Teaser Now Up – Updated With Making Of Trailer


Sixteen-year old Wiwi is forced to let her circus gorilla Ling Ling play in the Korean Baseball League when a super agent named Sung convinces her so that she’ll be able to repay a mounting debt. Dubbed ‘Mr. Go’, Ling Ling becomes an instant hit with the audience as he hits one home run after another. But when normally mild Ling Ling deviates in the middle of a game, forcing the umpire to end the game early.

He is suspended from playing away games and Sung tries everything possible to get on the league’s good side by appearing in TV shows and commercials to show how tame Ling Ling is. Thanks to Ling Ling’s spectacular home runs Doosan Bears gets into the playoffs but at this crucial moment, Sung and Wiwi pull him out of the game due to his knee injury without notifying the league.

Meanwhile, heads of two top Japanese baseball clubs fly in to check out Ling Ling’s potentials with the possibility of acquiring him for millions of dollars. Cornering Sung and Wiwi further into desperation, Doosan’s rival team signs and acquires another gorilla to pitch – none other than Thunder, who is the reason for Wiwi’s debt, piquing Japanese clubs’ interests. With their futures on his back, Ling Ling limps to the field to face Thunder.

Mr Go 3D is due to hit theaters this July, It stars Josie Xu, and  Sung Dong Il


Mr. Go (3D) – Making Of Trailer

Mr. Go (3D) Josie Xu, Sung Dong Il

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