Fruit Chan To Spice Things Up For Latin Dance Film We Are The World (Shining Moment)


Synopsis 1 : After being sidelined by the gymnastics team, Yu quits and reinvents himself as a Latin dance instructor. He assembles a group of children to complete in the Latin dance competition. Can Yu, still facing his own insecurities, teach them to truly dance? Can Yu bring out the best in these children and let them shine on stage?

Synopsis 2: On a long bus journey, Ming meets former schoolmate Chiu, who is bringing a group of aspiring 8-year-old ballroom dancers back to her home village for a final practice run before taking them to the championships in Guangzhou. When Ming sees Chiu struggling with her spoiled and lazy charges, he dips in to help motivate and inspire the young kids to practice seriously for their coming competition. But is it too late to get them in shape?

Directed by Fruit Chan, We Are The World stars Hins Cheung, and Hao Lei.  We Are The World is due to hit theaters 2016.

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