Gallery 2 For Lim Sang-yoon’s Upcoming A Company Man


Synopsis 1:

A Company Man
Hyeong-do is a VP-level assassin in a contract killing organization masked as a metal trading company. For this cold-blooded professional, killing is nothing more than daily business dealings. One day, he is assigned on a job with an outsourced help, Hun-yi, who is to be eliminated afterwards. Before meeting his fate, Hun-yi asks Hyeong-do a favor – to deliver money to his family. After much hesitation, Hyeong-do visits Hun-yi’s house and meets a woman.

It is Su-yeon, a former singer that Hyeong-do used to adore. After meeting her, a subtle change takes place in Hyeong-do’s heart; he begins feeling regrets about his job. In the meanwhile, the company discovers that Hyeong-do didn’t kill Hun-yi as instructed. They decide to remove him from the organization. Hyeong-do, who now hopes to start a new life with Su-yeon, finds himself being hunted by the very organization he worked for.

Synopsis 2:

Hyung-do (SO) wears a suit and tie like any other white collar worker… except his profession is murder. He is professional contract killer — a hitman — loyal to his employer and regarded as the best in the business. But one day, to the surprise of his colleagues and his enemies, he suddenly decides to quit his job for a woman (LEE). Seen as the ultimate betrayal, Hyung-do is immediately hunted down by his former employers. Will he be able to escape with his life, much less with his love?

A Company Man stars So Ji-sub, Lee Mi-yeon, Kwak Byeong-gyoo, Dong Jun and  Lee Kyeong-yeong and is directed by Lim Sang-yoon


A Company Man – Trailer

A Company Man – So Ji-Sub, Lee Mi-Yeon

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