Gallery and Teaser up for Sion Sono’s Upcoming “Why Don’t You Play in Hell?”


Why Don’t You Play in Hell? – Teaser Eng Subbed

Two men ‘Muto’ and ‘Ikegami’ hating each other.
‘Muto’ desperately wants to help his daughter ‘Mitsuko’ to star in a movie. Meanwhile, ‘Ikegami’ falls in love with ‘Mitsuko’, knowing that she’s the daughter of his foe. Getting dragged into this complicated situation are the movie director ‘Hirata’ and a young movie-lover named ‘Kouji’ and the story moves on to an unexpected direction.


Wow, this movie has quickly jumped to the top of my must-see list. Yakuza, filmmaking mockumentary, and a slide of blood! Director Sion Sono has emerged as one of the most unique voices of modern Japanese cinema. With titles like Noriko’s Dinner Table and the Hate Trilogy under his belt, Sono’s films are anything but mainstream. He has a flair for the visual and can elicit some wild and far reaching reactions with his cinema. As this is only a Teaser, I wait for more information, but wow does that movie look like a lot of fun. Seems like he’s filling the void of crazy auteur in the wake of Takashi Miike’s “awakening” to more legitimate fare. –Cesar

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