First Look At Jeffrey Lau’s Upcoming A Chinese Odyssey 3


The first official stills for A Chinese Odyssey 3 has just been released, Loosely based on the novels of the same name. Two films were produced and star Stephen Chow in 1995, which has now become somewhat of cult classics. Again directing, Jeffrey Lau brings on board Han Geng (Monkey King), Yan Tang (Zixia), Karen Mok (White Bone Demon), Gillian Chung (Black Spider Demon), Jacky Wu (Tang Seng), Iola Xie (Princess Iron Fan), Hu Jing (Guanyin), Wang Yibo (Red Boy), He Jiong (Erlang Shen), Huang Zheng (Jade Emperor), Zhang Chao (Bull Demon King), Zhang Yao (Niu Xiangxiang), He Yunwei (Subhuti), Cao Chengyan (Zhu Bajie), Zhou Yixuan (Sha Wujing), Corey Yuen (Old Man under the Moon), Fei Er (Mei Chaofeng), Tfboys along for the ride.

Expect A Chinese Odyssey 3 to hit theaters later this year, hoping fully a teaser should be dropping very soon with the release of the first official stills

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