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SYNOPSIS –  To move up to a permanent job, an intern, Mirae has worked hard at Cheil F&B already for 5 months. One day, her supervisor Byung-guk beats all of his family to death with a hammer and disappears without a trace. Peers at the workplace can’t believe that the gentle and kind-hearted Byung-guk committed terrible murders.
Detective Jong-hun is sent to the office to investigate the murder case and senses the peers at the office don’t trust one another. And, Byung-guk is captured on CCTV, sneaking in the office building and the peers become agitated as some see Byung-guk and feel his existence in the office. And then, it happens that an up-and-coming manager commits suicide in the office.
What did really happen in the office to make Byung-guk go mad? He’s hiding in the office building? Jong-hun suspects mere intern, Mirae as the key to solving the mystery.

DIRECTOR – Hong Won-Chan (Screenwriter) – Confession of Murder, The Yellow Sea, The Scam, The Chaser)CAST – Ko Ah-Sung, Park Sung-Woong, Bae Sung-Woo, Kim Eui-Sung, Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung, Son Soo-Hyun, Oh Dae-Hwan, Lee Chang-Yong,Park Jung-Min


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