It’s All Or Nothing For Aaron Kwok & Yang Zishan In New One Night Only Poster


One Night Only 20

One Night Only – Aaron Kwok, Yang Zishan, Hao Lei, Andy On, Jack Kao, Zhou Yutong, Li Haofei

One Night Only depicts an overnight romance story between an addicted gambler, Gao Ye (Aaron Kwok), and a prostitute, Mo Mo (Yang Zishan). Gao Ye got himself into a gambling debt threat after being released from prison. Mo Mo met Gao Ye, thinking he would want her “service”. However, instead of paying Mo Mo, Gao Ye forced her to start a black market underground boxing with him using her bondage savings. They go through a series of events—kidnapping, car-racing and killing, only to realize the need to decide which path they want to take before sunrise…


One Night Only (2016) – Trailer

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