Korean Horror Film “The Wicked” Gets a Poster and Synopsis!


CAST – Park Ju-hee, Na Soo-yoon, Lee Mi-so

SYNOPSIS – Sae-Young’ receives constant scolding from her boss ‘Lee-Sun’. Overtaken by fury, Lee Sun tells Sae Young that if she does not finish her work by the given deadline she must cut off one of her fingers. Sae Young takes this remark seriously and tells Lee Sun that if she manages to finish in time, then she must cut off her finger instead.
Taken back from Sae Young’s spunky and daring attitude, Lee Sun feels a certain aura of wickedness coming from her and decides to run a background check. Lee Sun finds out that in the past, Sae Young was known as “The Witch” and anyone who was mean towards her mysterious wound up hurt. As Lee Sun began to dig deeper into Sae Young’s past, she came to realize what a truly frightening person Sae Young really is.
Is Sae Young really a witch?






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