New Poster For Jang Jin’s Upcoming We Are Brothers


Cast – Cho Jin-Woong, Kim Sung-Kyun, Yoon Jin-Yi

Director – Jang Jin (Man On High Heels, Romantic Heaven, The Quiz Show Scandal, Good Morning President, Righteous Ties, Murder Take One)

Synopsis: Sang-yeon is a pastor who was adopted into America from Korea in childhood. He visits his native Korea after a long time when he reconnects with his biological family – his birth mother and brother – with the help of a television show. A touching reunion of long-lost brothers quickly dissolves into an awkward situation when Sang-yeon discovers that his younger brother has become a shaman and vice versa. In the meanwhile, the brothers’ mother who suffers from dementia wanders off out of the studio and gets on a random express bus. Even before the embarrassment wears off, the brothers are forced to put their differences aside and go on a search together for their missing mother who seems to stay one step ahead of them as she travels around the country.

We Are Brothers is due for a October 23 Release.  It will also hit the Hawaii International Film Festival (Oct. 30-Nov. 9, 2014).  It will be showcased in the Spotlight on Korea, having it’s international premiere.



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