New Poster & Stills For Confession of Murder


First look at the poster and new stills for Jeong Byong-gil‘s upcoming Confession Of Murder staring Jung Jae-Young, Park Si-Hoo, Kim Young-Ae, Choi Won-Young, and Jung Jae-Young.

SYNOPSIS: On the day the 15-year statute of limitations expired on a high profile serial murder of 10 women, a member of the victim family throws himself off the building in front of the detective in charge of the case. 2 years later, a man called Lee Du-seok publishes a book titled “I am the killer” claiming responsibility for the murders that took place 17 years ago. His book becomes a huge success because of the author’s charming looks and his vivid depiction of the crime. The victims’ enraged families kidnap Lee and ironically, the officer that saves him is the same detective that was in charge of the serial murder case, Detective Choi Hyeong-gu.
The detective and the self-claimed murderer meet face to face on a television debate show. Detective Choi maintains that Lee is nothing but a conman posing as the murderer. Then, he gets a call from a mystery caller referring himself as ‘J,’ claiming he is the real perpetrator. J sends him proof showing that he is the real killer and urges Choi to tell the world but Choi hesitates. J then calls the broadcasting station and tells them that he will appear on the show with Lee and Choi. The three now stand facing one another in the studio and the truth reveals – including the true identity of the author, Lee du-seok.

Confession of Murder – Jung Jae-Young, Park Si-Hoo

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