New Teaser Posters For Daniel Lee’s Upcoming Adaptation of Kennedy Xu Grave Robbers’ Chronicles The Lost Tomb (Time Raiders)



This is the second film to be brought to the big screen based on the tomb-raiding (grave robbing) theme, with Mojin: The Lost Legend, based on Ghost Blows Out the Light released just a few months back.  The Lost Tomb based on the Daomu (Grave Robbers’ Chronicles) novels by Kennedy Xu will be directed by Daniel Lee (Dragon Blade, White Vengeance, 14 Blades).  There are currently 8 novels in the series all which are planned to be made into feature films with the first to come out this summer.  A TV series also called The Lost Tomb was released last year running for 10 Episodes staring Li Yifeng, Tiffany Tang and Yang Yang.

Along for the ride will be cast members Lu Han, Boran Jing. Boyu Zhang, Jingchun Wang, Sichun Ma

Synopsis From Amazon Backcover of six part boxset

Robbing graves has been the Wu’s family business for centuries. They’re good at it and they’ve pursued their craft under a strict code of ethics―until Uncle Three came along. The son of a legendary grave robber, finding and looting tombs is in his blood. When he discovers a secret that had destroyed his father’s career, he knows this knowledge can make him rich beyond all imagination, if it doesn’t kill him first. With five other men, including his inexperienced but well educated nephew, Uncle Three sets off on a quest that will immediately take the life of one of his grave robbing team and leads the remaining four to some of the most perilous spots in China. From a corpse-fi lled cavern that harbors blood zombies to an undersea labyrinth which is impossible to leave, from a gigantic bronze tree with a menacing secret to the mountains of the Korean border, from a haunted city in the Gobi Desert to a swamp laden with predatory serpents, the grave robbers risk their lives repeatedly for a man whom they suspect of being a liar―if not a murderer. Uncle Three proves to be as elusive as he is untrustworthy and his nephew is forced to rely on his remaining teammates, Panzi, Fats, and the pokerfaced enigma who calls himself Qilin. But are any of them to be trusted? Who was responsible for the death of Uncle Three’s lost love, Wen-Jin? And who―or what―is the mysterious mastermind that lurks as an invisible and deadly power behind the scenes? Nobody has the answers―or if they do, they’re not telling. As new bits of information emerge, new questions come too, making the grave robbers understand that the truth is as elusive as any tomb treasure, and as deadly as any monster that lurks within a grave. The adventure and suspense of this Chinese saga continues at high speed through six volumes that will keep readers on edge until the very last page. The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles is a series that combines horror and humor to create a story that is completely original and thoroughly irresistible.


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