“Hell Kitchen 3D: The Cannibal Bun” Poster and Synopsis Now Online!


Very surprising news here as there is some official news about a remake of sorts for the 1993 HK thriller, The Untold Story. One of my personal favorites of 90s HK cinema, I am pretty torn about this adaptation. Looking to add to the mythos, the story looks to pose a ‘what if’ scenario of sorts to the story of steamed buns filled with people. Here below is a very detailed synopsis:

In 1985, Hac Sa Beach, Macau. Many swimmers discover several body parts and inform the Marine Police. Superintendent Sean Szeto arrives at the scene, and a total of eight body parts are seized. Facing such an appalling dismembering case, Macau Police immediately sets up a special team to investigate, but the case comes to a standstill, which haunt Sean from time to time. The following year, Macau police station receives sequential letters from the brother of Cheng Lam, the owner of Eight Immortal Restaurant. The letters state that the Cheng’s family has disappeared since August last year, and that his estates are taken over by a man named Wong, which the brother suspects to be a thuggery. Sean begins the investigation once again.
He finds the fingerprint from one of the female palms distinctively similar to that of missing female Jane Chan. He sends officers to monitor Hang Wong, the new owner of Eight Immortals Restaurant, but fails to find evidence that proves him guilty and no arrest has been made. Meanwhile, Sean vaguely senses a watchful eye on himself.
Sean interviews Cheng’s neighbours, and the butcher Lee Ming and his wife say they have visited Cheng, but a stranger answered the door and said the Chengs left for Zhuhai. The police also discovers the mysterious disappearance of Jane, Cheng’s relative. According to her neighbours, a man in his 30s knocked on Jane’s door early that morning, asking for help for Cheng’s sick son. They left with a cab, since then Jane is never to be seen. Base on the statements, Sean determines if Wong is the prime suspect, then he must have an accomplice in the case.
Sean manages to make progress on the case, but many weird yet fatal incidents happen to him, which he luckily escape each time.
One afternoon, Wong leaves the restaurant in haste. Sean arrests him to avoid his fleeing the country. Due to extensive media coverage, the case becomes high profile. The public voice expresses the hope of bringing Wong to justice, even legal professionals are glad to see him convicted and settle the case.
Since Wong is 55 years of age, Sean cannot believe such a middle-aged man alone can commit murder of a family of ten. Sean re-visits the restaurant by himself and comes across a mysterious man. Sean chases him down in rain, but he escapes.
Meanwhile, the judiciary hastily convicts Wong, but even then Wong has never admitted killing ten people. Sean visits Wong in the prison, and tells him that he believes there is an accomplice, but Wong remains silent. It is rumoured that Wong reveals the details of the murder to other prisoners. It is said that Wong killed Cheng’s family due to money dispute; after he dismembered the bodies, he packed the remains in black rubbish bags and discarded them in batches. The rumour also has it that Wong made barbeque pork buns with the remains and sold them at Eight Immortals Restaurant.
Upon hearing the rumours, the case seems even more irrational to Sean, not to mention the mysterious man he encountered at the restaurant the other night. Every event leads to his strong belief of an accomplice in the case. Sean begins the investigation all over again from Wong’s connections…


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