“Inside or Outside” International Posters and Synopsis Updated!

inside or outside english poster
inside or outside chinese poster

Inside or Outside

CAST – Simon Yam, Wallace Huo, Jang Hyuk, Rayza(Re Yizha), Xiao Che, Andrew Lin, Jack Kao

SYNOPSIS – A business elite, Ouquan (Jang Hyuk) is certain that his wife’s newborn is not his own. With suspicions of an affair, Ouquan starts probing for the truth, only to be caught up in a series of accidents and discovers himself to be the target of an assassinator (Wallace Huo), who is on the prowl for revenge against Ouquan and will stop at nothing to re-gain what he has lost. Unbeknownst to him, Ouquan is also under investigation by a detective (Simon Yam). In this high-IQ criminal detective mystery, everyone has secrets they keep hidden, even from their loved ones.

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