Japanese crime novel returns to the big screen as PERFECT NUMBER – Releasing on 11/2!


CJ Entertainment brings the dramatic mystery-thriller Perfect Number for a limited engagement at CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on November 2, 2012.  The film is based on Japanese novelist Keigo Higashino’s masterpiece, The Dedication of Suspect X, as well as the Japanese film adaptation and cult favorite, Suspect X.  Starring South Korean film favorite RYU Seung-bum (The UnjustNo Mercy), Perfect Numbertells the intriguing story of a man who crafts the perfect crime for the woman he loves.


A genius mathematician fabricates the perfect alibi for love.

Seok-go was a child genius, but now lives an average life as a high school math teacher.  When his new neighbor, Hwa-sun, moves into the apartment next door, she becomes his new obsession.  One day, Suk-go witnesses Hwa-sun murder her ex-husband during a violent encounter.  He puts his math skills to the test as he calculates the perfect alibi for her crime.  Thanks to Seok-go’s impeccably crafted crime, Hwa-sun even passes the polygraph test and the police have no choice but to let her go.  However, the detective assigned to the case, Min-sun, senses something strange and is unable to drop Hwa-sun as his prime suspect.


Master of mystery Higashino Keigo’s gem, The Devotion of Suspect X re-imagined!

In 1985, Higashino Keigo made his dazzling debut in Japanese literary circles when he won the Edogawa Rampo Award for Best Mystery Novel of the year in Japan for After School. For the past 20 years Higashino’s willingness to delve into the unthinkable has allowed him to write over 35 bestsellers, including Byakuyako (Into the White Night), Himitsu (The Secret), and Akui. Along with Miyabe Miyuki and Onda Riku, he is considered one of Japan’s most prominent contemporary writers with his fresh ideas, detailed composition and sharp prose.


Perfect Number is based on one of Higashino’s masterpieces: The Devotion of Suspect X, for which Higashino won the prestigious Naoki Prize. In 2012, the novel was adapted into Perfect Number by Director BANG Eun-jin.  Her detailed direction and accomplished cast includes talented actors RYU Seung-bum (No Mercy, The Unjust), LEE Yo-won (Queen Seondeok), and JO Jin-woong (Nameless Gangster, Deep Rooted Tree).

Perfect Number – Teaser , Perfect Number – Trailer, Perfect Number – Trailer English Subbed , Perfect Number – Teaser English Subbed

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