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Takuro Hibinuma appears to be a totally useless guy. He’s not good at schoolwork or sports and he has no girlfriend. To make things worse, he gets bullied at school. It’s only when he plays rock music that he can free himself and feel the power within. Rock gets him off and when he gets excited, he has a habit of stripping off all his clothes and playing naked. To Takuro, that’s his “Every Day Rock.” Unsurprisingly, very few people in the world can appreciate Takuro’s rock spirit.
Until a friend suggested they form a rock band, Takuro’s days at school, were mostly wasted. With friends Kusakabe on bass, Yoda on drums and Takuro lead guitar and vocals, the band is called the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Brothers.” An impressive debut at the school festival excites their audience beyond all expectations.
Even after graduating high school, the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Brothers” refuse to give up their dream to be real live rock stars. They all head to Tokyo where they meet the demon-like Matsumoto, a scary guy who takes them in and lets them live above his club in return for cleaning the venue and running his errands. The rock star wannabes step out on the stage of the legendary live house “Monster GO GO” but audience members are as few as crows on an electrical wire. The world of rock music is a tough place to survive! But Takuro and his friends passionately love rock and they bow to no one. Their music and lyrics are very honest and straightforward and their live shows are very passionate, something of a rarity in these days of plastic bands and production line Muzak. Despite Takuro’s increasing willingness to go au natural their act is still very hot and gradually attracts a dedicated audience. Sometime later, Takuro meets the world-renowned artist Saki Udagawa and this changes his life forever.

Cast: Shuhei Nomura, Fumi Nikaido, Tomoya Maeno, Motoki Ochiai, Naoto Takenaka, Yoshikazu Ebisu, Tomoko Mariya, Yoko Kita, Keisuke Okamoto

OFFICIAL SITE – http://hibirock.jp/



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