“Jin-roh” Live Action Feature Film Announced!


A live action adaptation of Mamoru Oshii’s anime feature Jin-roh: The Wolf Brigade has been announced from director Kim Ji-won.

Synopsis Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade:
In the near future, Korea faces national crisis, caused by economic plight, social anxiety, chaos in Northeast Asia, and corrupt domestic and foreign politics. Anti-government demonstrations grow more and more violent. The rise of a terrorist group, ‘SECT’, willing to engage in armed struggle with the government, drives public fear to its limits. In response to the threat of SECT, the President of Korea launches a heavily-armed counter-terrorist paramilitary police force, the ‘CPPF’, with maximum firepower and absolute authority, granted by the President.
Elite CPPF officer, Lim Joong-kyung, suffers from trauma caused by an incident during an operation in which he watched and did nothing as a young terrorist girl committed suicide by self-detonation, right in front of him. Out of guilt, Lim attends the girl’s funeral and meets her sister, Lee Yun-hee. A twisted connection draws the two together and Lim loses control of his feelings.
Meanwhile, the National Information Division, intimidated and undermined politically by the authority of the CPPF, plans to use the incident as a means to isolate and break up the powerful police force. An intelligence battle between the two organizations and a fight for survival for Lim and Yun-hee has begun.

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