Joe Ma’s “On Fallen Wings” (Butterfly Cemetery) First Info!


Shui has just transferred to S University where is situated in a very beautiful place. The beauty queen in the campus- Shuang had her eye on Shui upon his arrival. Shuang assigned Xiao Die, her minion who has mild skeletal deformities to arrange dates for her and Shui. Xiao Die and Shui became friends eventually. One day, she ran into Shui searching for something in the garden. He told her that the reason he transferred to S is to investigate his girlfriend – Bai Lu’s missing case. A butterfly led Xiao Die to the garden and she found the belonging of Bai Lu. Bai Lu appeared and told her about butterfly cemetery which is a place can help your wish comes true. Xiao Die searched about butterfly cemetery on the internet and found out the location is actually near to S University. She decided to pay a visit by herself….

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