Kiki’s Delivery Service Live Action In Production


Now in production is the live action adaptation of the beloved animated film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Produced at Studio Ghibli and directed by mast animator Hayao Miyazaki, Kiki’s Delivery Service follows Kiki, a young witch in training, who goes off into the real world to make a name for herself and earn experience. Along the way she encounters many obstacles but discovers strength of character and the power of friendship and herself. This new adaptation is being directed by Takashi Shimizu, probably best known for having directed The Grudge, and Ju-on feature films. An odd bit of hiring to be sure, but I guess let’s wait and see.

Not many details are out so far, but production seems to have recreated a number of sets and the bakery looks pretty good. My main reservation, among many, is the choice to remove the film from a European style setting. The world of the original film is not set somewhere between the real world and a fantastical past where dirigibles and black and white TV sets are still in use. It’s got an odd timelessness setting to the story and one I’m afraid will be lost in a Japan-set film. No realistic release date set, but I’d guess 2014.

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