Kim Myung-Min Seeks Justice In Upcoming Thriller Proof of Innocence


Proof of Innocence

Jong-kwan Kwon is returning to the directors chair for his third feature film, last being Sad Movie (2005) and S Dairy (2004).  In 2009 he was one of ten directors for the anthology film Short! Short! Short! 2009 which was showcased during the Jeonju International Film Festival.

His latest project Proof of Innocence is a thriller set to star Kim Myung-Min last seen in the action-comedy Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island this year.  Proof of Innocence which is due to be release next year also stars Kim Sang-Ho, Sung Dong-Il, Kim Young-Ae, Kim Hyang-Gi.

SYNOPSIS – Sometimes the last key of the bunch opens the lock.

Soon-tae is an upright taxi driver, a loving single father, and a proud citizen of Korea. All of a sudden, he isarrested as the main suspect behind the murder ofthe daughter-in-law of a major conglomerate. Despite Soon-tae’s pleads of innocence, he is sentenced thedeath penalty and his daughter is forced to endure the hardships of being the child of a murderer.  Soon-tae who loses all hope sends out a letter of desperation to Pil-jae, a model policeman. However, Pil-jae has hung up his clothes and now works as an illegal broker for a small law firm. When he receives the letter from Soon-tae, he first disregards it but later learns that the case has something to do with the incident that forced him to retire from service. As Pil-jae tries to solve the murder case and indirectly prove Soon-tae’s innocence, he soon learns that the rabbit hole is deeper than he thought.


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