King of Pigs comes to the UK


King of Pigs comes to the UK

By Emma Carey

Many cinema goers in the UK don’t get to see much Asian cinema. It probably wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that only relatively few of the general movie-going public in the UK ever go and watch foreign films, although there are one or two foreign language movies and Bollywood movies which make it to the mainstream viewing public.

Similarly Asian cinema films don’t make the headlines like the Hollywood blockbusters do.

But one Asian film that’s likely to cause quite a lot of interest this winter is the King of Pigs, due to be released in the UK on 25 January. It’s a twist on Lord of the Rings, but this South Korean animation is much more violent than the original. Lord of the Rings is one of those books that most UK schoolchildren read as part of their English curriculum at some stage during their school career, so it’s a story that most of the population will be familiar with.

The King of Pigs plot focuses on Kyung-min and Jong-Suk, two former schoolmates who meet up at a reunion dinner. Kyung-min is a businessman and Jong-Suk is a writer and they are voiced by Oh Jung-se and Yang Ik-june. Remembering back to their schooldays, they recall the bullies – a group of rich students called ‘the dogs’. The dogs ruled the school, bullying the majority of the students, known as ‘the pigs’. For a long time, the pigs didn’t question or challenge the dogs’ rule.

However, with the arrival of a new student, Kim Chul, a change took place. Kim Chul decided to stand up to the dogs and end their tyranny. Kyng-min and Jong-Suk see him as their hero, regardless of his brutal methods he employs to stop the dogs. However, the film focuses on the difficult relationship between the hero and his followers, and we see how the inhumanity that the two witness during childhood plays out in the rest of their lives.

It’s a dark story with brutal imagery. It’s not something that you could really call relaxing entertainment, but definitely one to watch.

The King Of Pigs – Trailer

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