Kirk Wong Comes Out Of Retirement For SIX


Kirk Wong is bouncing back  with a new project after a long 10 year retirement.  His last major film was the 2008 John Woo & Wesley Snipes action comedy The Big Hit staring Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bokeem Woodbine, Antonio Sabato, Jr.  His new project is a martial arts action thriller, manga mash-up with a script by Li Feng (Hero & House of Flying Daggers) Erik Martinez (Beyond The Mat) and Doug Brode (Forbidden Science).

The breakdown for Six evolves around a mad scientist who has created five hybrid creatures by fusing human and animal genes together, which gives them animal-like capabilities to fight. The five must join together when a another of their kind, known as Six, begins to hunt them down to harness their powers.  The cast will include Asian and Hollywood actors with production starting in November.  Filming will take place in China and Louisiana with Hyde Park International on board as executive producers.

It will be interested to see how this turns out, plus which animals that will be used for the Human- Animal Fusing.  Kirk Wong is no stranger to action, check out his classics like Jackie Chan’s Crime Story, Rock n’ Roll Cop, and Gunmen.  My main concern about the project is the CGI needed to pull this off.  Can Kirk Wong do this without making it look too 80’s.

I am sure that we shall see some concept artwork leading up to production, giving us an idea what to expect, come 2013


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