Kiyoshi Kurosawa Announces New Film 1905


Kiyoshi Kurosawa ( Cure, Kairo, Bright Future, Doppelganger, Tokyo Sonata) has announced his new projoect 1905 which is a joint production between Japan-China. reports that the 10 million dollar project is backed by Sil-Metropole, which will raise funds through pre-sales to Asia and Europe, and co-distributed by Japan’s Shochiku and Prenom H.

Set during the titular period, Leung will play a loan shark who must venture from Guangdong Province to Yokohama Japan to recover debts from a band of anti-Manchu government revolutionaries. While there he crosses paths with ultra-nationalist (Matsuda), who’s tasked with deporting the same men, and a young woman in a relationship with one of them (Maeda).

Production will start this November, 1905 stars Tony Leung, Shota Matsuda, Atsuko Maeda


1905 – Tony Leung, Shota Matsuda, Atsuko Maeda

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