Korean Drama “End of Winter” Poster and Synopsis Now Online!

End Of Winter
CAST – Moon Chang-Kil, Lee Young-lan, Kim Min-hyuk, Lee Sang-hee, Heo Je-wone

SYNOPSIS – Sung-geun, a teacher at Cheorwon Technical High School, and his family get together in Cheorwon from all over the country for Sung-geun’s retirement ceremony. At the family gatehring after the ceremony, Sung-geun announces to his wife and children that he’s going to divorce his wife and stay in Cheorwon. To make matters worse, the buses are shut down in Cheorwon due to a snow blizzard, and the family is stuck in Sung-geun’s house, being left with no choice but to spend 3 days together as a family. Confronted with their parents’ divorce, the family members deal with each other in their uncomfortable presence together.

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