Korean Film “Confession” First Look!


CAST – Ji Sung, Ju Ji-Hoon, Lee Kwang-Soo
SYNOPSIS – Childhood best friends In-chul (JU Ji-hoon), Hyun-tae (JI Sung) and Min-soo (LEE Kwang-soo) are still remaining at their good friendship. Hyun-tae works as a paramedic, married to a beautiful but a mute wife and has a lovely daughter. In-chul works as an insurance agent, known to be a hustler. Min-soo runs a small business, and he relies on his two good friends like family. One day, Hyun-tae’s mother who owns illegal gambling arcade asks In-chul to rob her arcade for the insurance settlement. In-chul decides to put an action for everyone’s happiness. However, Hyun-tae father’s unexpected appearance leads In-chul to a murder. He accidently kills his best friend’s mother, and three friends face each other at the funeral. The extent of their friendship will be tested when they become involved in a tragic murder.


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