Korean Film “The Stone” Poster and Synopsis Released!


CAST – Kim Roi-ha, Park Won-Sang, Cho Dong-in
SYNOPSIS – A small-time middle-aged gang boss Nam-hae coincidentally meets a young Go player Min-su, who shows an outstanding talent and rekindles Nam-hae’s interest in the game. Despite his exceptional gift in Go, with the uncertainty ahead of his life including his gambling addict mother, Min-su has been wasting his days as a gambler sometimes going against his own conscience by cheating to win. Unlike his other peers constantly training to become professionals, Min-su continues on without pursuing a real career out of it. Nam-hae orders his second in command, a loyal man true to his boss, to persuade Min-su and after many twists and turns, Min-su accepts in becoming Nam-hae’s private Go tutor.

In learning Go from Min-su and spending peace time with him, Nam-hae is able to look back on his own life. The path he has walked for his whole life, stained with blood, leaves Nam-hae with regret and he is determined to help Min-su pursue his path as a Go player. While Min-su, a professional Go gambler at a loss for the direction in life, discovers the coarse masculine underworld and the meaning of life and true victory through his encounters with the gang boss. Like this, the path of these two people who live in two different worlds intersect, and the relationship between the two develop through the game of Go. Nam-hae regrets his past that cannot be undone and is determined to stop, whilst Min-su sees a new future and pursues to go forward. However, when Nam-hae’s competition starts to expand their territory, Nam-hae is forced into a path to destruction.

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