Man of Tai Chi Trailer and Thoughts


Now that the trailer has hit the internet, here are some general impressions. Despite some cringe-worthy editing on the teaser, action looks good. Tiger Chen has really been one of the main driving forces in the Yuen Family for years now and to see him in a starring role has me confident in the choreography and technique. Karen Mok doesn’t seem to be getting older at all and she looks great, though I hope she will be able to do a bit of fighting as well, her stuff in So Close was solid, though also 10 years old (!) at this point. Keanu’s proof of concept video had me really intrigued and the use of real martial artists is a major plus in the things that are going for this film. Also seeing some more Iko Uwais on screen is a good thing. I just hope that it can shed the ‘cable movie’ plot that which we seem to have been presented. In the end, you can count me in to see the film when it drops later this year.

Ok so now that you’ve seen the trailer, what do you think?

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