“Man on High Heels” Posters and Teaser!


Just released is a new poster image for the upcoming Korean film Man On High Heels. Available in an English friendly version as well as the original Korean, look for it to make rounds in English speaking territories when it arrives this summer.

Man On High Heels (Jang Jin) – Cha Seung-Won, Esom, Oh Jung-Se

SYNOPSIS – Ji-wook is a cold-blooded detective who would brutally assault and stop at nothing to catch criminals. However, despite his perfectly masculine appearance, Ji-wook struggles with a secret desire to be a woman. At last, Ji-wook decides to get a sex change. However, a gang Ji-wook had brutally arrested by force plots revenge against him. While Ji-wook resigns and secretly dreams of transforming into a real woman, people close to him get caught up in a conspiracy and killed. When the one person he must protect, ‘Jang-mi’, also falls in danger, Ji-wook faces a crossroads in making his choice.


Man On High Heels – Teaser

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