Masahiro Kondo’s 7 Days Report Set For February 2014 Release


Masahiro Kondo’s (Fly!) second feature film 7 Days Report  which was screened during this years 5th Okinawa International Film Festival competition in it’s Peace Division will finally get a release date next year.

Set to be screened 2-8-2014, 7 Days Report stars Aran Shirahama, Rio Yamashita, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Kazuki Namioka, Suzunos uke, Yuichi Haba, Itsuji Itao.

Synopsis : A victim of bullying, timid boy “Ryota” encounters a clone of “Ryota,” who is somehow more cheerful and energietic than “Ryota”. What would happen when these two who shouldn’t have met each other and are not suppose to meet other, actually meet with each other…!

Seven days before graduation, high school student Ryota was seriously working on composing a love note to Mizuki, the madonna of the school, to tell her his feelings… This is a scene from the everyday life. But by a mere accident, he found out he is a clone. Furthermore, he found his life will only last until the day of the graduation. Ryota runs away from the school which is only a laboratory.

The place he comes to is a building identical to the school he had been trapped in. He stands still on the rooftop of the building. Suddenly, a boy only wearing his underwear and looking identical to him appeared in front of him. The original Ryota.


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