New Character Posters For Seven Assassins (Glory Days)



Seven Assassins
When social unrest plagues a Kingdom in ancient China, the Imperial Court collects stockpiles of gold from local governments to expand the royal army. However, the gold is robbed while in transport. In a desperate move to retrieve the stolen treasure, elite royal guards are sent on a mission to go after the gold but soon find out they are not the only ones in pursuit of it.

Seven Assassins (Glory Days) is co-directed by Eric Tsang & Xin Xin Xiong, it due for release June 9th

Cast – Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Guo Tao, Gigi Leung, Ni Hongjie, Michael Wong, Max Mok, Ray Lui, Michael Tong

Glory Days – Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Guo Tao, Gigi Leung

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