New Posters & Gallery For Stephen Fung’s Upcoming Tai Chi (Hero) II


New posters and stills have been released for the second installment in Stephen Fung’s planned Trilogy Tai Chi II.  Due to hit theaters the 25th of this month, Tai Chi II stars  – Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Eddie Peng, Angela Baby, William Feng, Shu Qi, Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Yuan Xiaochao, Stanley Fung, Bruce Leung, Fung Hak-On, Chen Sicheng.


Tai Chi II – Trailer


During Yang Luchan’s wedding to Yuniang, her brother Zaiyang returns from self-imposed exile with his new bride. He has mastered an elaborate form of martial arts that amazes the awestruck villagers. Only Master Chen can sense something astray, and refuses to welcome his curiously dressed son. Zaiyang reminds the villagers of a local superstition. 300 years ago, an unruly monk arrived, claiming that one of their former students was a rapist and thief whose rampage across the countryside was only made possible by their martial arts teaching. The monk presented them with a giant bronze bell, claiming that disaster will befall the village if it ever rings…..

Tai Chi I &II ( Stephen Fung)

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