New Still For Im Sang-yoon’s Upcoming A Company Man


We have been keeping a close eye on  Im Sang-yoon’s upcoming A Company Man staring So Ji-Sub and Lee Mi-Yeon.  Due to hit theaters later this year, Working as an assistant director on Cadaver, Shadows in the Palace and Old Garden, this will be Im Sang-yoon’s first feature in the directors chair solo.  Awhile back we had posted some early stills and a detailed synopsis, today we have new hi-res still we would like to share.


Hyeong-do is a VP-level assassin in a contract killing organization masked as a metal trading company. For this cold-blooded professional, killing is nothing more than daily business dealings. One day, he is assigned on a job with an outsourced help, Hun-yi, who is to be eliminated afterwards. Before meeting his fate, Hun-yi asks Hyeong-do a favor – to deliver money to his family. After much hesitation, Hyeong-do visits Hun-yi’s house and meets a woman.

It is Su-yeon, a former singer that Hyeong-do used to adore. After meeting her, a subtle change takes place in Hyeong-do’s heart; he begins feeling regrets about his job. In the meanwhile, the company discovers that Hyeong-do didn’t kill Hun-yi as instructed. They decide to remove him from the organization. Hyeong-do, who now hopes to start a new life with Su-yeon, finds himself being hunted by the very organization he worked for.

 A Company Man – So Ji-Sub, Lee Mi-Yeon

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