New Teaser & Gallery Now Up Wong Jing’s Upcoming The Last Tycoon


Last night we added the new teaser for Wong Jing’s upcoming gangster film The Last Tycoon, which is also produced by Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs Trilogy) to our trailer archives.  I am not a huge Wong Jing fan, but I must say this does look pretty good so far.  Today we also have some new stills to add along with the new teaser (Teaser Links Below).  Due to hit theaters this December, The Last Tycoon stars Chow Yun Fat, Xiaoming Huang, Yuan Quan, Monica Mok, Sammo Hung, Francis Ng, Gao Hu, Zheng Yitong, and Kimmy Tong


The Last Tycoon
In 1917, Cheng (Chow Yun-fat) was an innocent man worked in a grocery store. But a fateful night had changed Cheng’s life forever, as he literally walked right in the affair between his lady boss and the chief of police. To hide this secret, the chief decided to throw Cheng into prison. Desolated, Cheng met a cellmate Mao, who happened to have an escape plan. The duo broke out. Cheng found a job as a bouncer in the casino owned by powerful inspector Jin (Sammo). As Jin indulged himself in debauchery all day long, Cheng began to climb up the underworld ladder step by step. As Cheng became one of most powerful mob bosses in Shanghai in late 1930s, fame took its toll when he found himself stuck between the looming Japanese army and the scheming local secret service.

The Last Tycoon – Teaser 1 , The Last Tycoon – Teaser 2

The Last Tycoon – Chow Yun Fat

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