New Wong Jing Film Starring Nick Cheung “King of Drug Dealers” Synopsis Now Online!


In 1963, illegal immigrant Howard (Nick CHEUNG) snuck into Hong Kong. Equipped with guts and combat skills, he plunged into the underground world where he found how corrupt Hong Kong was as a colony under the British authority, and how the police were in collusion with the triads in a black money community.
Howard struggled between two folks who came from his hometown – righteous police constable Gregory who was honest and refused to take bribes and Wayne, who was greedy, lustful and dishonourable. Howard chose to side with Wayne and joined the triads.
After striving through much adversaries as being set up, betrayed and physically crippled, the once good-natured Howard has transformed into a monster. He became more atrocious than the most corrupted cops and more beastly than the most ruthless drug dealers. He finally emerged as the number one and most powerful Drug Lord under the control of the Chief Chinese Superintendent, Lionel.
With the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in year 1974 in Hong Kong, Lionel was forced into premature retirement. But Howard still would not be stopped, as he was determined to become the sole dictator in the drug empire ….

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