Park Hae-Il To Star In Adaptation Of Cheon Myung-Gwan’s Novel Aging Family


Park Hae-Il is due to star in Song Hae-Sung’s (A Better Tomorrow, Maundy Thursday, Rikidozan, Failan) upcoming adaptation of Cheon Myung-Gwan’s 2010 novel Goryeonghwa Gajok (Aging Family).  Filming is due to start this September with a 2013 release planned.

Goryeonghwa Gajok (Aging Family) – Synopsis : The Aging Family is the second novel by Cheon Myeong-kwan whose first novel The Queen of Red Bricks (Gorae) was like the exhibition of “compulsive storytelling.” There are five main characters in this novel: a 70-year-old mother, a 50-year-old first son, a 48-year-old second son, a 45-year-old daughter and the daughter’s teenage daughter. With an average age of 49, this strange family unfolds unique stories of their own as they rush about in life. The family’s uniqueness is evident from the first scene where the two sons throw plates of food at each other and get into a fistfight. The second son who is the narrator has been jobless for the past 10 years since his debut film was both a commercial and artistic flop. When he returns home to his old mother after some 20 years, he finds the matchbox apartment occupied by his unemployed older brother, an ex-gang member with five criminal convictions; his younger sister, a manager of a coffee shop, who got her second divorce following an affair; and her out-of-control daughter. Their family is truly “an assortment of losers in life, who belong to the lowest rung of the minor league ladder.” But the 70-year-old mother, who is a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman, prepares meat dishes for her children almost every day, as if she was convinced that her children have all failed because they were not fed properly. Ultimately, the family members who seem full of problems and nothing but hatred for each other, in fact, help one another out and band together at moments when they matter, thus proving the great power of family.

Aging Family – Park Hae-Il

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