Poster and Detailed Synopsis for Japanese Film “Joker Game” Now Online!


CAST – Kazuya Kamenashi, Kyoko Fukada, Yusuke Iseya, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Keisuke Koide, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Hiromasa Taguchi, Kyusaku Shimada –


Staggering mind games! Thrilling spy entertainment!
The original novel “Joker Game” swept bestseller lists and won the 30th Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers and the 62nd Mystery Writers of Japan Award in the full length novel and short story series categories (2009). This is the film adaptation of the spy suspense series that sold over 700,000 copies and captivated readers nationwide.

The story takes place in an unnamed Asian capital on the eve of World War II, in a top secret, military spy training facility called “D Corp.” Amid global chaos, spies from Japan, England, the Soviet Union and Germany engage in a “Spy Game” with sophisticated strategies and superior intelligence as their tools.
Kazuya Kamenashi plays Kato, a man sentenced to death for committing a military offense, who is scouted by “D Corp.” Kyoko Fukada plays Rin, the mysterious lover of the U.S. Ambassador. Yusuke Iseya plays Lieutenant Colonel Yuki, head of “D Corp.”
Directing the film is up-and-coming Yu Irie, known for his dramatic video composition. In addition to locations in Japan, scenes were shot on huge open sets on the island of Batam, Indonesia and in metropolitan Singapore, adding scale and dynamic realism to the ultimate spy action film!

The story unfolds on the eve of World War II in a fictitious military academy. Kato is awaiting punishment for defying orders and breaking military law, when he is saved by a mysterious man wearing the stripes of a lieutenant colonel. Ex-operative Yuki believes that the future of military diplomacy will be driven by intelligence agents, or spies, and has established an international intelligence organization called “D Corp.”

Kato undergoes rigorous training, clearing demanding mental and physical hurdles before receiving his first mission as an intelligence agent: to obtain top secret documents called “Black Notes” from US Ambassador Graham before he returns to the U.S.
Hidden in the “Black Notes” are developments that will change the history of mankind. Kato infiltrates the “Dark Capital” but is intercepted by a mysterious woman Rin, Ambassador Graham’s lover.

With just two weeks before Graham’s departure, the battle begins to obtain the “Black Notes” embroiling British Secret Intelligence and the Soviet Union and pits “D Corp” against Imperial Army extremists…
Who is the enemy? The ally? And what is the secret hidden in the “Black Notes?”
The explosive, life-and-death “Spy Game” begins now!

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