Poster and Synopsis For “From Vegas to Macau 2” Now Online!


From Vegas To Macau 2 (2015)

CAST – Chow Yun Fat, Carina Lau, Nick Cheung –
SYNOPSIS – Head of the money laundering organization, Mr. Ko was murdered on his way to the Court by two assassins in an act to silence him.
According to the Interpol, Ko is not the head honcho of the organization. Above him is a Japanese woman, Ms. Aoi. Her headquarters is built inside an A380 plane – her very own Sky Castle.

Cool is recruited by the authority as Special Investigation Agent to look into the case, mainly to follow Mark (Nick CHEUNG), an IT expert and the Accountant of the organization, and who also happens to be Ko’s cousin. Ken (CHOW Yun Fat) persuades Cool not to take risk, but Cool refuses to listen. Ken can do nothing but watch him go. However, Ken is later stunned to learn that Cool is in fact his biological son. He had him with his ex-girlfriend some twenty years ago and Benz is only the foster parent. Worried about his son’s safety, Ken sets out immediately for Thailand.

Mark is in possession of dirty money amounting to USD10 billion which he is trying to hide. Aoi sends two killers “Fist” and “Purple” after him to retrieve the money. They get into a fierce wit and fist game with Ken and Cool in Thailand. Ken manages to eventually save Mark. However, Mark is sly as a fox, he slips through Ken’s hands several times before he is finally captured.
In the midst of it all, Ken stumbles upon his long lost love Molly. Aoi takes Molly away and forces Ken and Cool to board her Sky Castle for a treacherous game with Molly and Mark as the ultimate bet.
Ken is faced with the biggest gamble he has ever had. Life is at stake at the deathly height of 30,000 feet. Who will emerge as the ultimate winner?

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