Poster and Synopsis For Horror/Thriller “Guilty” Now Online!


CAST – Pak Ho CHAU, Liddy LI
SYNOPSIS – No affection, no friendship, no love, no emotion, then kill.

A hitman Jie is slowly wandering into a red light district. As he walks through the alley, everyone avoid eye contact with him because of his extremely ugly face. Ting Ting is the only prostitute that did not reject him. Jie finds a scar on the stomach of Ting Ting, which was wound by a gunshot. Ting Ting on the other hand stares at the giant lump on Jie’s face without showing any sign of fear. The two of them quickly form a bond and Jie could not bear to leave Ting Ting alone. He decides to take Ting Ting out of her miserable life at any cost. From then on, their lives turned out differently.

Ting Ting moves into Jie’s house and start living together, just like father and daughter. Jie wants Ting Ting to go to school and start living a normal life. He gave Ting Ting everything he had and is prepared to give up his career as a hit man. On the other hand, Jie finds himself sexually attracted to Ting Ting and he is finding it hard to repress his sexual needs. And it breaks Jie’s heart every time he sees Tingting is close to other men.

However, Ting Ting is not grateful for what Jie did. Instead, she begins to play a trick on Jie. Sometimes she would disappear without saying goodbye and make Jie running around for her. Gradually, Jie is losing his character as a hitman. In the search of Ting Ting, Jie thought of a killing mission many years ago, in which he shot a girl and the girl’s mother. Jie is hoping that he could atone for his crime by looking after Ting Ting.

Jie is trapped inside Ting Ting’s unpredictable and irrational act. But Jie could have never imagined that all of that was just a beginning of a scheme of revenge….

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