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Synopsis: A small team of North Korean spies are planted in the South as a family which is purely a clever cover for espionage. On the outside, they seem like an ordinary happy family, but each individual are trained specialists with their own families back in the North. The members of the ‘red family’ carry out various espionage commands from their North Korean superiors while leading their double lives. They abide by the strict order of ranks when they are among themselves, which is different from how they have to act according to their roles in the family when they are in public.
Living next door is a spoiled, capitalist South Korean family that fights non-stop over money. The neighboring family seems to have a lot of problems, but their love and affection for each other are still evident despite all the bickering and quarrels that can be overheard through the bugs planted by the red family. Slowly, the spies begin to feel affection for each other as family and help cover-up each other’s mistakes made during their operations. Eventually, they end up making a fatal mistake that is detected by their superiors. And they are put under a test for their communist faith that they are no longer able to follow.

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