Rule Of CROW’s Thumb (Karasu no Oyayubi) Official Site Now Up


The official site is now up for the live action adaptation of Susuke Michio’s novel Rule Of CROW’s Thumb (Karasu no Oyayubi) to be directed by Tadafumi Ito.  Due to hit theaters this Fall, Rule Of CROW’s Thumb stars will Hiroshi Abe, Shoji Murakami, Satomi Ishihara, Rena Nounen, and Yu Koyanagi.

Brief Summay

Two tough middle aged men believe being a swindler is an occupation. One day a girl is placed in their care unexpectedly. They are clueless as to what they should do, but they know they have to start a new life. So they decide to do one final job. And it has to be big!

By Rule Of CROW’s Thumb (Karasu no Oyayubi)

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