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Experience a heart-warming marine adventure out of the pages of Japanese history!

The beautiful Seto Inland Sea is home to the legendary treasure of the samurai pirates, undiscovered for four hundred years. When a modern dispute threatens her community, Kaede, an enterprising twelve-year-old, leads three classmates on a perilous voyage to a secret island, to expose the legacy of Takeyoshi Murakami, her ancestor and the hero of the samurai pirates.
But is the legend real? And what awaits the spirited adventurers as they step into the past? Based upon historical events, this heart-warming tale bridges genres in a celebration of camaraderie and challenge, a thrilling experience that makes for worthy family viewing.

In a twelve-year-old girl’s blood runs the spirit of her samurai ancestry!

Kaede is a sprightly girl whose town on an island in the Seto Inland Sea stands disheartened by the abolition of a ferry route central to its survival. If discontinued her family will lose their soy sauce factory and, with it, their home. The crisis appears beyond solution, but Kaede’s spirit knows no surrender. When her dreams tell of the treasure that her ancestor, Takeyoshi Murakami, is believed to have stashed away, she recruits three friends and resolves to uncover the four-hundred-year-old mystery. Yet their only clue is a map seemingly undecipherable, and currents unpredictable and strong stand in their way.
In this story, a brave young girl battles the odds, and wins!

Cast: Kyoka Shibata, Masaki Izawa, Wakana Aoi Kyoichi Omae, Takashi Naito, Eri Ishida, Kotaro Koizumi, Toshi Takeuchi, Saori Koide, Erica Mabuchi, Saburo Ishikura, Naomasa Musaka, Kai Ato, Tokuma Nishioka, Tamao Nakamura, Hiromi Hakoki, Jyudai Ikeshita, and Paroma Ito

Director: Kenichi Omori

Source: Shochiku Press Release

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