Satoshi Ono To Star In Upcoming Novel Adaptation Of Ryou Wada’s Shinobi no Kuni


Shinobi no Kuni

Shinobi no Kuni is not due to hit theaters until next summer, but Toho is not wasting any time getting the official site up for Yoshihiro Nakamura’s adaptation of Ryou Wada’s novel published in 2008.  Satoshi Ohno ( Arashi) has landed the lead role of Mumon, our lazy anti-hero Ninja in the upcoming release.

There is no actual content up now, but a message from lead Satoshi Ohno ( Japanese Text Only).  With production due to being in July, more casting news should be announced very soon.

Brief Summary – Set in the 4th year of Tenshou Era during the Warring States Period (around 1567) of Japan, it tells a dramatized version of the Battle of Murayama, between the Oda clan and the ninja of Iga province.The story features an ensemble cast of questionable sanity and morality drawn together in a conflict of politics and ideologies: a young ninja disillusioned by his people’s way of living, his lazy nemesis secretly struggling to maintain his love-life, and a bunch of sly politicians with hidden agendas.


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