“Seoul Station” Zombie Film First Look!


Seoul Station ( Yeon Sang-ho – The King of Pigs, The Fake)

SYNOPSIS – Seoul Station after sunset. An old homeless man slowly dies from his injury. Near by the station, in a dark alley, the old man who has been thought to have died is eating down another homeless person with his eyes out of focus. The streets around Seoul Station are soon covered with madmen trying to feed on other people.

Hae-sun, a runaway teenager has been staying at an old inn for quite some time with her boyfriend Ki-woong. When Ki-woong tries to make a living by forcing Hae-sun into prostitution with the men he would fish on the internet, she breaks up with him. Just like the kill heels that Hae-sun likes to wear, she stands alone dangerously in this cruel world wandering around Seoul Station. Then she witnesses the frightening sight of people attacking and feeding on each other like animals.

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