Shim Eun-Kyung Awaits Serial Killer’s Release In The Upcoming Thriller Missing You



SYNOPSIS – A little girl named Hee-joo, who lost her father to a serial killer named Ki-bum 15 years ago awaits for his release. Ki-bum is released from prison after serving his sentence. Dae-young, a detective, follows Ki-bum closely as he remains suspicious of the of the ex-con. A serial killer who has been waiting for his freedom, a detective who has been waiting for the killer’s release, and a little girl who has been waiting for something that remains a mystery… The three are intertwined in a chaotic relationship and are met with an unprecedented series of events.

Missing You stars Shim Eun-Kyung (Miss Granny, Masquerade, Romantic Heaven, Sunny) in the title role of Hae-joo, and Yoon Je-Moon (Haemoo, My Dictator, Boomerang Family, Commitment, Fists of Legend) as Detective Dae-Young.  Kim Sung-Oh (Fashion King, The Tower, Love 911, Whatcha Wearin’?, The Man From Nowhere) Will play Serial Killer Ki-Beom.

Missing You will be released sometime next year

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