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Shippu Nijimaru-Gumi is based on the manga by Shinya Kuwahara (Warriors of Tao, R-16)  Manga Synopsis: Haguro Shoumaru and Nijikawa Jun have known each other since the 3rd grade. With their middle school buddies, they formed their own gang group. Their goal? To become the top gang in the area to attain the right to dig up the “treasure” hidden inside the military base in their town. Legend tells that this treasure was hidden by the once top gang group known as Infinity. Only the strongest have the right to this treasure. With Shoumaru stuck behind bars after covering for his friends, will Nijikawa be able to lead his gang “Nijimaru” to become the top gang group in the area?

Starring: Takagi Manpei, Takeuchi Toshi

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Shippu Nijimaru-Gumi poster

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