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Kaminchu – The Legend of Zan

CAST – Sonny Chiba, Cathryn Lee, Misato Kawauchi, Yoshito Kobashigawa

Mina visits the legendary Zan’s Monument with her best friend Asuka and three male friends to test their courage. They get involved in some supernatural trouble and one of the male friends dies. After the accident, Mina goes to the hospital to visit Asuka but is again caught in another supernatural incident so she visits the Yuta – Haru Kamiya for guidance.

However the Yuta (spiritual medium) seems to be a fake. Asuka is abducted by the brothers Isatu and Atabi. In Okinawa there is a legend of the Zan (Mermaid) – one who eats the flesh of the Zan shall live forever. Indeed these brothers have lived nearly 1,000 years, but in order to ensure that their lives will continue on for another 1,000 years, they plan to eat the flesh of the now captured Zan.

When Mina rescues Asuka from the brothers, she uncovers the horrible secret. Asuka’s abduction is a rouse by Atabi to deceive his older brother Isatu, as a revenge against Isatu who killed Atabi’s wife many years ago, and the parents of Meiling (Atabi’s companion). Soon the struggle begins between the brothers and Mina, who then realises that she in fact is the Zan and not her friend Asuka. Mina must be awakened to her true nature and uses her power to fight against the evil that has made her life a hell.

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